The Union for Islamic Republics is a Union between the governments of Syria, Iran, Pakistan, The Sudan and Palestine. It also includes the Hezbollah, Al Queda, The Taliban and other smaller Islamic Terrorist Groups all over the middle east. It was created as a way to spread Islam and destroy the West (for the terrorists), and a way to increase power by making a union (for the corrupt governments).

Reasons for JoiningEdit

Iran was the one to start the orginization, they immediatley convinced all of the terrorists they support to join. Then they start talking to Syria, the other terrorist supporting nation in the region, and they joined. Then Pakistan was interested, because they like to use terrorist groups as Proxy Parties. Finally, they went to the country run by terrorists, Palestine, and HAMAS was happy to join. Then many major terrorist groups joined, suck as Al Queda and the Hezbollah. They tried to convince Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan to join and finish what they started in their wars with Israel, but this only made them grow scared and create the MEC.

Inner PoliticsEdit

Relations with The People's Liberation ForcesEdit

The UfIR is very friendly with The People's Liberation Forces, and they make up the "bad guys" of world war 3.

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